Do you like novelties? That sort of things that leave a surprised expression on your face? Well, I really do and when I saw this video I was speechless: WOW! I’m talking about the videoclip for the song Sweater by the belgian band Willow (from their debut album We the Young).
It’s something that affects for its simplicity and original way of using projections: in many other videoclips we could see video projections over the body of the singer (We Found Love by Rihanna could be an example), but nothing is comparable to this case.


Filip Sterckx, director of the video, decided to merge two worlds: 3D mapping projections (typical of cool outside events) and music videoclips.
The result of this magic potion is unexpectable: everything was shot in a white studio composed by a floor and two walls, but what we see is a variety of landscapes and locations, both realistic and imaginary.
Lights off, beamers on (three PANASONIC PT-LB90) and the white studio is now a bedroom where the frontman Pieter-Jan Van Den Troost is sleeping “on his bed”. As the music begins, everything moves behind the singer (or with the singer?) and your mouth now begins to open for the “speechless expression”.


Using a tapis-roulant, a cool sweater and changing sometimes his position in the small corner studio (also the camera changes its relative position), the singer walks out from his house, takes the underground, goes to the seaside, and many other places, and we can follow him everywhere. (If you want, you can even follow him in the backstage watching the making of). Thanks to the wonderful 3D animations (realized by the director) and their coherence with the music, this videoclip it’s a fantastic journey around the world (and even inside of it).

Willow – Sweater

Artist: Willow
Filip Sterckx
Projections, 3D mapping
What's Cool:
A very cool way to use 3D mapping and projections to create unbelievable locations.
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October 11th, 2012

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