“All these kind of places
Make it seem like it’s been ages
Tommorrow some new building will scrape the sky
I love this country dearly
I can feel the ladder clearly
But I never thought I’d be alone to try”
Maybe visit a city as you were a crazy bouncing ball is not the best way if you want to be a tourist tasting everything around you with the right calm, with your photo cam, looking for nice girls.
But do you not always want to be a simple tourist, don’t you?
There are things that you can never make as normal tourist: to pass through branches, travel in the clouds and then plunging back down without worrying about falling, go among the people seeing their everyday life…
…who do you think ever notice a small blue ball with no destination?
Passion Pit‘s leader Michael Angelakos and young British filmmaker David Wilson (we talked about his work ‘The Bay’) didn’t want to reach a literal translation of lyrics (because Micheal feels them to intimate) but they thought to create a video that give the sense of the swinging rhythm, the motion of the song.
In ‘Take a Walk’ there is a very strong fascination for Osamu ‘the father of manga’ Tezuka’s animated short ‘Jumping’ (1984): Wilson took inspiration for the sense of the video: the first person point of view and the bouncing movement of the camera, replacing the Tezuka’s little child with a blue little ball: reproducing that in a motion picture was the real challenge.
To achieve the ball’s point of view with his freedom, craziness and his fanciful jumps ,Wilson with the help of ‘the Creators Project’ group, uses newly developed helicam technology by SnapRoll Media where they attached a RED Epic camera. Wilson used also CG and 2D effects to recreate the sky parts (the clouds, airplane and the birds): it took a certain amount of time to can move the camera in the right path, but the efforts paid off.
Thanks to helicam, Wilson can launch the bouncing ball through Philadelphia, in its suburbs, in its forest, in the heart of city with us that are shaked by the unnatural ball’s jumps.
What is missing in the videoclip is courage to go beyond to be only an interesting video for the technology used in. Tezuka’s ‘Jumping’ was not only an experimental short but also one with a vivid imagination and powerful meaning.
Instead i think ‘Take a Walk’ will be forgotten soon…
…but maybe somebody will want to become a bouncing ball.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk

Artist: Passion Pit
David Wilson
Motion Picture, Point of view shot
What's Cool:
we are a bouncing ball in Philadelphia
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October 10th, 2012

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