Young Galaxy is a Canadian indie-pop band (from Vancouver) and their album Ultramarine, (here the album teaser) from which this song is taken, “is the name and colour of [their] fourth LP, the first album they have made away from Montreal, across the sea, all together“. Ultramarine was released by the label Paper Bag Records during this year.


Now try to imagine the most surreal world.
What came in your mind it’s for sure something different an probably not as weird as the one created by Nic Hamilton for Young Galaxy‘s Fall For You music video.

Nic Hamilton is a video artist and his about me section on his website  is very clear: “there is no information here, thank you“.
This musicvideo is a real masterpiece of 3D graphic animation, astonishing materials and photography were used to make a whole world that reminds a little bit a factory but in which there is not a real process making something.

What we see is a mix of non-sense stuff like cactus, strange black balloons that move like were made of petrol and, in the whole video, synthetic faces (of the singer) singing the song.

These synthetic elements are the real stuff that made this music video unique: everything is unreal and follows the rhythm of the music in a world where the face of the singer is protagonist, is the world from where the song comes.

The video shows “alternate-universe science experiments where music makes wavforms ripple, cacti dance, and singing polygonal faces appear from thin air“.



Young Galaxy – Fall For You

Artist: Young Galaxy
Nic Hamilton
May 2013
3D Animation
What's Cool:
Everything moves in sync with the rhythm
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May 26th, 2013

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