The first word that comes up to describe this video is: WOW.
I’ve been amazed by the possibilities of 3D animation to merge with live action, guided by an intelligent and sensitive creative mind.
Dvein is a a filmmaking and animation collective out of Barcelona, a collaborative project by the directors Fernando Domínguez, Teo Guillem and Carlos Pardo providing direction and art direction for live action and animation.
The Vein is created out of a rib of Dvein, that announces to the Creators Projects that “For the moment, The Vein is not just an invented band. We plan to release a vinyl single for ‘Magma,’ and they have their own website—”
The visual for this music video are outstanding, landscapes where faces take place and ground and body are made by the same surface matter.
“We wanted it to take us to somewhere else far, far away—some surreal land where the children are old people and the landscape is alive, where the living organism is the landscape itself,” said the filmmakers.
“There was something in it that was giving life to this chorus of old people with children’s voices, the painting, the magma, that was moving all around this landscape.”
“We had a couple of references in mind when we did it, like some of the desert sequences in Zabriskie Point,” said Dvein. “We wanted to use black and white as a starting point because we wanted a transition from a monochrome landscape to a colorful world full of paint.”
As DJ Pangburn says in the cited article, the effect is that of a psychedelic primordial soup of replication.


here’s the making of this video: it’s definitely worth a look:

The Vein – Magma

Artist: The Vein
live action+3D animation, fluids and effects
What's Cool:
nature has a face! and it's screaming magma.
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May 16th, 2013

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