It’s not the first time that we meet the name of Filip Sterckx. He is a belgian director and we already talked about him in the recent review on his wonderful work made for Willow‘s song Sweater.


In this case we are in front of traditional techniques: motion picture plus 3D animation effects.
For this earlier work, Filip Sterckx has decided with the band to use actors and create a story to accompany the music: three nerd guys create a machine that can communicate with the weather (yeah, like the animation movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs).
In the first part of the video we can notice how the editing combines total shots to details and close-up: this thing, along with the use of slow-motion, makes the result more various and interesting.
Special effects with 3D animation irrupt when the machine begins to work: we can see how the volume of the speakers moves the air, and it’s so cool!


When the music gets dancy and even more powerful, the camera shows us the computer screen: “Booting 20 radios”, like a sort of “Keep strong, more has to come!”. In fact it starts raining little pieces of radios, but wait: something unexpect arrives: it starts to fall entire giant radios. It’s in this moment that  we have a beautiful thing: the camera shows us two guys in the middle of the city (they’re the two guys of Bodyspasm duo) that are looking to the sky, we take their own point of view and suddenly it becomes a view from the sky from where we can watch the radios falling.


The whole video is calibrated on soft colors and tones, the typical atmosphere of Bruxelles, where the video has been shot. In this way are only few the colors that hit the eye: the primary colors of wires in tech hardware, the reds headphones (that the three guys wear) and the firework-lights of them working on metals.

Bodyspasm – 20 Radios

Artist: Bodyspasm
Filip Sterckx
December 2011
Motion Picture, 3D Animation
What's Cool:
mix of nerd and dance worlds!
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October 23rd, 2012

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