When it comes to videos, OFWGKTA never disappoint.
As odd is the key word, this video follows the long series of videos of Odd Future, in being awkward and.. odd.
La Bonita is this chica, made up like Dias de los Muertos, in a mexican horror scenario. A sort of splatter without blood, creepy but swaggy. Basically cool to death.

It is all about some editing wizardry. The video is all black and white, the focus is intentionally messed up, somehow, mirror effects, that are so fashionable right now.
What it is really really really cool, it is the ongoing sequence of hodgy, left brain, dancers, monkeys, mariachi band are filmed but with unbalanced proportions.

This _P director really has some skills, unfortunately it looks like it embody the horror theme of the video being a ghost himself, in fact I couldn’t figure out who he is and what he has done.
Please tell me if you find something.

Ah, don’t forget the armed nun, I love her. <3

Mellowhype – La Bonita

Artist: Mellowhype
Editing, Focus, Black and White, One shot sequences, Mirror filters
What's Cool:
Tarantino 2.0
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October 1st, 2012

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