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Welcome to Bollywood!!! The Australian rap-pop singer Iggy Azalea tapped into East Indian culture for her brand new music video Bounce.
Teamed with director BRTHR – aka Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman – she went to Mumbai, in India, to add some exoticism an indian glamour in her sexy hip-hop. Super-colourful, brilliantly edited and culturally enlightening have the main part of the video! They want to make it dynamics and powerfull, so they use short cut, flashing frame (like yellow or pink), kaleidoscope and mirror effects, zoom in and out, slowmotion combinated with spped up, overlapping layer.


One of the most important part of the video is, of course, the setting!


Asking to Iggy’s stylist, Alejandra Hernandez, about the decision to film this videoclip in India, she said “The directors submitted the Bollywood-themed treatment, and when Iggy saw it she was like – YUP, this one’s it! And we’re not shooting in LA and faking Bollywood. Let’s get on a plane, and shoot it in India. And I want to ride an elephant.- “


“Shooting ‘Bounce’ in India was surreal,” Iggy told Rap-Up TV. “It’s just so crazy to dream something so big and actually see it happen.”


So you could see Iggy dane in street during the indian festival of Pagwa and, as she wanted, riding an elephant! “It took us a month to find it and we got it, and it was such a shit fight,” says the 22-year-old, who had to get the Indian mafia to shut down the street. “We just took this elephant and thugged it down the street, and it was insane.”


Dresses have, as setting, one important role!


“I did so much research and really became obsessed” said Alejandra “I really like the Bollywood disco era, and was very inspired by Parveen Babi in her films. She was such an Indian bombshell. The costumes in the ’60s and ’70s were so next level. For the video, we wanted to be traditional and respectful to the culture, so the gold body suit was the closest I could get to my ’70s Bollywood dream. The saris came from both the states and India. Iggy loves color and prints, so definitely wanted saris that were bold. Wrapping and draping saris was a lot more complicated than I expected, but luckily I had a local assistant that knew what she was doing. I was a disaster. I got all jewelry in India. I knew that I would find the coolest jewelry there. I didn’t even waste my time looking in the states.”


Iggy adds “I think record labels need to reinvest in doing stuff like that, it helps create the fantasy and the bigness of an artist. This video definitely perpetuates escapism.”

Iggy Azalea – Bounce

Artist: Iggy Azalea
2013, May
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Welcome to Bollywood!
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May 20th, 2013

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