Today we wanna be cute, and director Joseph Gaffney come to us’ aid.
The videoclip is the one of World spins madly on, beautiful The Weepies’ song. Here you could find the duo’s site. This is actually the first time we have chosen a videoclip from that duo, but probably not the last! As the matter of fact, this duo have done interesting and different videoclips from technical point of view!
But let’s see something about this video. Joseph Gaffney has decided to reppresent the song as the lyrics say. He has built a little world with common material: cardboard, paper, plasticine, pen and pencil. In particular, the main character is a cute monster made of plasticine, sad and lonely because his Valentine has left. As the song says “Woke up and wished that I was dead / With an aching in my head / I lay motionless in bed / I thought of you and where you’d gone / and let the world spin madly on”.
From the technical point of view, Joseph use the stop motion technique, telling the romantic and unhappy love story by photos of different day’s routine moments. The sweetness and the refinement in the videoclip go together with the sound’s lightness. A focused game increase the sensation of melancholy and sadness, something is lost and that’s evident.
The song ends leaving all outstanding: love is not returned, you couldn’t know if it will be back and the World spins madly on, it doesn’t wait.
The video is rather more positive: love comes back, bringing new happiness. This waiting time does the trick.

The Weepies – World spins madly on

Artist: The Weepies
Joseph Gaffrey
3D animation, stop motion
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October 2nd, 2012

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