Today something from Australia to celebrate the spring!
I’m talking about Anna Lunoe and Flume, two young promises (Flume was born in 1991!) of dance and electronic music from Sidney.


The song that accompanies this music video was released by the label Future Classic (that discovered Flume’s talent thanks to a competition in Australia).
The director is Melvin J. Montalban, who also edited the shoots and created the titles with a fine and light typography (title of the song and all the credits are included in the videoclip). He is a 2008 graduate from AFTRS (Australian Film TV Radio School) and is currently Creative Director at The Precinct, Sydney, where he directs commercials and branded content. As we can read on his website, “with a heart for truthful storytelling coupled with a background in motion graphics and VFX, he hopes to always create emotionally compelling imagery”.


What made this music video cool is the idea to use the filmed shoots just as a base to work on: the final result is a completely rebuild picture made thanks to the postproduction.
Montalban worked on the films mostly in two ways: one about reflections and the other one with a sort of split screen.
The first one was made flipping the pictures for one or more times in the same time and creating in this way a double, symmetric picture, or a kaleidoscope effect.
The second one instead, was made using clipping masks in a circle shape. This is a quite unusual way to create a split screen because you have contemporary two different motion pictures at the same time, but not in the common vertical or horizontal division of the screen.


Another interesting thing about this videoclip is the editing: Montalban put in succession different shots, but because of the similar action and postproduction we read them as they were connected (for example at xx:xx Flume is connected to the horses).

And finally there’s something more that makes this video great: the using of the slow motion and the wonderful cinematography and colour grade curated by Tania Lambert.

All the video was shot at Turon Gates, a park in Capertee, NSW (not far from Sidney and located in the Blue Mountains on the way to Mudgee).


Let me just give you a last candy: take a look to the beginning of this version of the video: the 10 sec countdown is awesome!

Anna Lunoe & Flume – I Met You

Artist: Anna Lunoe feat. Flume
Melvin J. Montalban
June 2012
Slow Motion, Motion Pictures, Flipped Clips
What's Cool:
Flipping clips to create new, kaleidoscopic, pictures
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April 15th, 2013

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