Hello everybody, we are some days late with this review. I’m sorry for that, but be a team spread all over the world sometimes doesn’t help at all.

Anyway, “today” we have a really interesting video from Daniels, a directors duo based in the States (Los Angeles?), from the song Cry Like a Ghost. They are a really cool team, as good as skilled, and we already met them here, here and here, but the video I prefer is this Tenacius D one!

The main idea of this clip is to represent a girl struggling between three relationships, not making clear if they are present or past ones. That girl, played by Tallie Medel (lead actress as well as choreographer), really seems to go crazy out of that and the result is really sad, although interesting and amazing.


For sure, is not something ordinary at all. Watching the making of, it seems that almost all the takes are taken in a wood, always replacing and moving around the elements of the set during the shooting to achieve those confusing effects that gets rid of the conception of space and time. All around was full of lights, remotely controlled, which gave the correct atmosphere at the right moment. And what else? I guess lots of editing!


But that’s not all, because if you enjoyed the clip that much, you probably want to know there’s an extended cut to be seen, here!

Passion Pit – Cry Like a Ghost

Artist: Passion Pit
"Daniels" (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert)
April, 2013
Jonathan Wang
all but still set and masterpiece of editing
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April 13th, 2013

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