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How are you doing today? I’m rather happy by now. Actually I don’t know why, but it doesn’t happen very often so I’ll ask no questions and say thank you God, Krishna, Karma or whatever.


Today I’m bringing you a brand new, fresh video that came out last week.

If you’re missing the summer, you can get something similar to a summer rain shower with this one.


It’s the Lyrics Version of the video for Waterfalls, 1995 song originally by TLC covered by Stooshe, the all-girl trio from London. It’s a pretty cool song, I have to say. I’m not a fan of this kind of music, but it’s quite enjoyable if you’re looking for a break from brainy stuff.


As I said, it’s a lyric video, so it’s something we already saw round here (remember Madness or Happy Pills?)

Even this time the routine is the same. Representing the lyrics is a cool task: it gives form to words, which are sounds. Kind of synaesthetic. And this video does it properly.


I have to tell you: I don’t like the typography part that much. This kind of cartoonish typefaces just gives me a puzzled look on the face. That said, it fits the mood of the song, so it’s fine.


As regards the technical part, it is a fake 3D ambient, made with 2D images in a 3D space with After Effects, in order to create this cartoonish effect (as a nerd, it reminds me more of old school VGs like Duke Nukem, though).

The animation is quite simple, in general, yet effective. Nothing too complicated.

As regards animated type, it’s been a nice work of composition. Words don’t just flow on the screen, they dance and play Tetris with each other, creating a nice effect overall throughout the whole video.

Everything has been, of course, synchronized then with the music, probably in AE again.


Last but not least, if you’re a font junkie like me, and you’re wondering the names of typefaces used, I have bad news. All the colored words in the video are actual drawings imported in the software (and you can tell that easily… They don’t follow any rule other than “well, it looked kind of nice”), while the white one that recurs during the whole clip is a font that I don’t know, actually. Probably some crappy free stuff. It’s not that good, so you’re not missing anything important here.


That was all, see you around guys!

Stooshe – Waterfalls (Lyric Video)

Artist: Stooshe
2D Animation, Motion Typography
What's Cool:
Motion Type is always cool. Prove me wrong.
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October 9th, 2012

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