Sometimes something good, fresh and amazing comes even from Italy!
Hugo & The Prismatics are a band based in Turin (Italy) and unfortunately there is no (not yet!) a page talking about them on Wiki (we know you always give a try on that to find information, we did the same!).
This band works and play with music from long years, combining jazz and the newest technologies and is now working for Good Vibes Records label.

I invite you to take a look on their fb page, where they explain by themselves which is their own story and vision of music, but here a little anticipation: they’re latest album  is “the meeting point between his jazz roots and the groovy years of electronic dance music. Jazz improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating fresh melodies over the continuously repeating cycle of chord changes of a tune“.


The videoclip that we present you today really found the point of contact with the song that presents.
The song Le Mystère has a self-explained title and the videoclip, of course, leaves the viewer with a question mark in his/her head: what is this? what does it mean? why?
I personally truly believe that when a video is able to leave a question, it means that has a power. Power to communicate something.
I don’t want to write here my own impression about it, so I’ll copy here what the director Raoul Paulet says: “Through a journey of self-discovery a woman explores the meaning of life. Choices, fears, intentions, mistakes. Her feelings are brought to life and populate her imagination. To distinguish what is real from what is not, she has to observe and listen carefully. This is the only way to not get lost. Objects that move and change shape. A magical table that gives her shelter. Dark shadows that reflect thoughts and movements. In this journey she learns how to communicate and play with these elements, so that she can finally feel confident enough to open her eyes wide and make her own destiny“.
The whole videoclip was shot in motion picture in a studio (black background), but a huge amount of postproduction helps to make it more unusual and interesting. Flying objects, 2D animation and a nice game between colors, lights and shapes were makes this videoclip something really similar to a video-art creation.
If you are interested in the making of you can take a look to the backstage photos.

Hugo & The Prismatics – Le Mystère

Artist: Hugo & The Prismatics
Raoul Paulet
May 2013
Motion Pictures, 2D Animation
What's Cool:
This is a video-art piece!
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May 17th, 2013

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