Nothing new in PSY video Gentleman, but PSY’s style know how to draw the attention! The South Korean rapper has proven that he’s not a one-hit wonder after his video for “Gentleman” surpassed to 200 million views!
Main charachter? Dance, of course, and color!! The video for “Gentleman” featured a fast, hip-swinging dance by Psy in his trademark sunglasses and a variety of jackets, from baby blue to hot pink and sparkly white.
“These welcoming and lighthearted videos are a key element in Psy’s popularity thus far” says Rolling Stone contributing editor Anthony DeCurtis “It almost harkens back in a funny way to the heyday of the music industry — the big, flashy, exciting video,” he says. “You flip these videos on and you disappear into them and have a laugh for three or four minutes.
“They’re just exotic enough and sexy enough and self-deprecating enough and smart enough. That’s a tricky balance to get together.” DeCurtis adds, there’s a rising awareness of Korean culture “If nobody knew who Psy was, and you stripped the lyrics and put those beats on in a club, they would make people move.”
DeCurtis suspects Psy could stick around for a while, but there’ll need to be a transition at some point.
“It’s too hard to keep pulling this trick off. There’s a novelty element to this — that fourth time you do it, how novel is it? I don’t think anybody’s expecting him to transition into Bob Dylan, but maybe just transition into somebody who puts on a good show and has an ongoing career that’s not living and dying with every video he puts out.”
On the other side someother is not so positive “There’s no graph in the world that points straight up.”
About technical point of view, everything is set to create movement and dynamism: shooting on the diagonal, frequently cemera’s change as well as change of speed (slow and fast motion), zoom in and out and short cut, all mixed in bright and vibrant colors. Filming was shot by director Jo Soo-hyun, who also directed Gangnam Style, and co-edited by Yang Hyun-suk at YG Entertainment.

PSY – Gentleman

Artist: PSY
Jo Soo-hyun
April 2013
Motion Picture
What's Cool:
New dance always in PSY's style!
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April 22nd, 2013

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