The electro-Basque folk collective Crystal Fighters released their first official video taken from their forthcoming album ‘Cave Rave‘. The video of “Separator” is directed by Elliott Sellers, produced by Jack Richardson and Judy Craig and the Production Company The Masses.

It is based on a combination between chronophotography and stylized visual effects, to create an unique experience that also disorients the users. As say on Massive Production Company website, the video “Focus on the iconography of nature and how the human spirit can be liberated through the rediscovery of little artifacts, it’s not a video you’re likely to forget about. A girl wandering in the forest, a man exploring the rubble of the city, and a woman in her home – representing past, present, and future, they all seem to explode with self-expression once they rediscover these little bits of nature.”

The background is a movie, while the human figures are modified using special effects.
Probably shot in a greenscreen, frames that capture the movements of those figures, are slowing down and reassembled into new final shot with new “definitive frames”. In the same “definitive frame” are placed different “original frames”, in order to recreate the movement. The next “definitive frames” other original ones are added and removed.

Moreover, many camera’s movements as well as optical effects, such as kaleidoscope or mirror images, are used to further confuse the users. Especially kaleidoscope’s effect is made from the video of people eyes.

Great work of this band and Elliott’s innovative and unique approach, make of this video a good ones, a “Wanna’s one”!

Crystal Fighters – Separator

Artist: Crystal Fighters
Elliott Sellers
April, 2013
Motion picture and special effects
What's Cool:
Frame in frame and kaleidoscope
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April 16th, 2013

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