“The band performs in an empty, abandoned swimming pool.”


This is how the guys from www.mvdbase.com describe the videoclip, but here I would like to tell more also if it is pretty hard to get information about it.

The director of this great work is Paul Gore, but is not that easy to find info about him. I just can tell you he seems to be a great director and that he worked for different Communication Agencies. If you want to knew more about him just take a look to the previous link as well and this one (the spot for Lacoste is absolutely great)!


Comin’ back to the video, it starts with some interesting shooting in an empty swimming pool, a set that can really give you strange feelings, and it helps to make the general atmosphere as it would have to be for a cool Placebo videoclip. But, If you’re not keen on really well made shots, you will enjoy for sure the story. That’s for sure one of the most blow-minding ones ever. Simple, but clever.

You’ll see from the video, a girl and a boy are walking in those spectral spaces and they end up in the same changing room. They can feel each other, they can touch each other, they can even kiss each other, but unfortunately they cannot see one another. Maybe they are in the same place with the mind, maybe they are living in different dimensions for some kind of bad sentence, maybe they are not alive anymore or maybe they live far far away, but there is just one thing that is sure: some kind of power, or force that keeps them together, despite of all the obstacle against them.


It’s pretty interesting how they designed the videoclip and I like so much the idea that people can “keep touching” despite of everything bad it could happen. So, I would say that it has been done a great shooting, a great visual effects work (by Clear, sorry but I can’t find any link), but definitely this video is here because of the story concept.

Enjoy. (:

Placebo – Special Needs

Artist: Placebo
Paul Gore
July, 2013
Flynn Productions
What's Cool:
Actually this is 10 years old!
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May 25th, 2013

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