Goodmorning crocodiles! Feel primitive today, we’re talking about a video hot as magma.
Northern Bells‘ve just came out with their Keep it in the dark, and here we have the single Animal kingdom. Eric Power is the talented guy who directed the video.
Do you remember that great film, Waking Life by Richard Linkletter? Eric was 17, and that was the occasion where he got his start in animation. From that time on, he never stopped working. After a ton of music videos (about 32!), Eric realized one more amazing work. This guy is not simple a paper artist, but The paper artist. He always works with paper, creating multi layered landscapes, paying attention to each leaf, cloud, bird. It must take a long time to prepare a single video: each character moves into these paper worlds with stop motion technique.
In Animal kingdom he depicts a primitive hostile land, where it’s difficult to survive. I want to introduce you to the video with Eric‘s words:
“A common fate is shared among three strange creatures. Does the story have an end, or are they caught in a dream?”.
And, do it for yourself, have a look to his version of Super Mario: you’ll laugh all the time!

Northern Bells – Animal Kingdom

Artist: Northern Bells
Eric Power
April 2013
Layers and layers of coloured paper shapes
What's Cool:
I want to hug the ieti!
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May 21st, 2013

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