They were born “between Mars and Africa”, Nicholas Mottola Jacobsen, Luca Buscema (Il cielo di bagdad) and Lorenzo Sglavo (Iris’tea), are “officially lost” but to us they seem on the right track to success.
WPDHow have you had the idea for this video? What are the inspirational themes?
Dinosauri:This is our first single, Eppure Noi is the return journey on an high speed train, where everything becomes a moment, almost nothing, and yet we found ourselves to be everything.
WPDWe’ve noticed that in the video the sound plays a lot with the visuals. How did you create this relationship and how did you work to make it effective?
Dinosauri: The video was born at the same time as the song, like a tennis match between music and visuals.
WPDHow has the Dinosauri project been generated?
Dinosauri: I Dinosauri xxxx,how Lucio Dalla was suggesting some years ago. I Dinosauri take shape and music in these days, metabolizing our time in new sounds. We’re not a storic band, we go often to the same bar and we hide in tumblr.
WPDCould you explain us your name?
Dinosauri: We can’t fossilize on things, then, let’s call ourselves “Dinosaurs”.
WPDHow much do your videos represent yourselves and how has your music/aesthetic style evolved?
Dinosauri: We try to communicate only what we are, with images and chords. Sometimes we fantasized a little, during recording sessions, and thought on Anna Oxa (ndr. italian singer) singing Eppure Noi
WPDWould you let someone else direct your videos? who?
Dinosauri: just a name: Paolo Sorrentino
WPDAre you planning something new for the following months?
Dinosauri: We’ve the record ready, a single on the way, the first concerts. We’re trying not to fossilize on things.

Dinosauri – Eppure Noi (Non ci siamo mai estinti)

Artist: Dinosauri
April 17th, 2013
live action, graphics on footage
What's Cool:
a style that survived extinction
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May 19th, 2013

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