Colapesce is one of my favourite artists from the indie musical landscape in Italy, used this song for the lunch of the deluxe edition of his album “Un meraviglioso declino”, after being stopped on the last lap of selections for the Sanremo Festival.

The songwriter and singer from Sicily has been capable of putting in this song, like he has done in the entire album, the feelings of a disillusioned generation that is continuously struggling for dreams, trying to find a new vision for the future.

In this video there are a lot of objects that can call the mind back to a past made of dreams that are no longer possible, flying around in a fake spaceship, the one we are waiting for or perhaps we are hoping can arrive here.

A fake spaceship flying in an universe, where the most powerful energy comes from love that continues to give us life.

A wonderful video, directed by Giacomo Triglia, a very imaginative and talented director.

Have a good time watchin it, and follow your dreams!

Colapesce – Anche oggi si dorme domani

Artist: Colapesce
Giacomo Triglia
mar 2013
What's Cool:
Flying objects and animations
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May 23rd, 2013

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