Hey there boys and girls!


How are you doing lately? Hope you all feel pumped up.

If not, I’m bringing you something that definitely will!


This is a very cool video we found lately and for which we all were very amazed.

This is the videoclip for OJ’s track AU (the hell with this strange words LOL).

It was released in April of 2012 and was directed by a super talented guy named Takafumi Tsuhiya.


The concept of this video is deeper than what you may see at first glance.

«[…] Our interest has been moved [towards the] fundamentals of life. Something that cannot be explained in words would be more and more important», says Tsuhiya during an interview.

And you can feel this aim, when you try to follow the whole colorfulness-synesthesia-kaleidoscopy effect.

In my opinion it is just an amazing work. It’s very deeply designed and very well crafted. I could blabber for like a week about the possible meanings, but I’ll focus on technique now. If you are interested in some info told directly by the authors I recommend you this interview.


This video is (most probably) entirely made with Adobe After Effects.

Some footage of people moving and dancing was acquired and then processed in order to become drawing-like.

And that’s it as regards actual shooting.


After that, efforts were spent to create this fantastic series of colorful effects and shapes, all synchronized with the beat of the track (this is the basic process to do this magic). Everything made just by playing with the super poweful tools AE gives you.


In my opinion the point about this video wasn’t some crazy technology, but the taste and patience of the director in creating it.

Let me tell you this: when you see something for which you say «Woah, that’s stunning!», 80% of the times it’s not because of some crazy new process, but because of the combination and the synergy between many little beautiful details that work together for a greater result.


Hope you enjoyed this video as much as I did!


Have a nice day, folks!


Artist: AU
Takafumi Tsuhiya
April, 2012
2D Animation
What's Cool:
A very fresh and modern style of animation
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January 23rd, 2013

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