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After talking about OJ a few days ago, today I’m going to talk about Ida Walked Away. Same artists (AU), same director (Takafumi Tsuchiya). And same wonderful result, too!


This one was released a bit earlier, in 2010, and you can see already that mr Tsuchiya had very clear ideas about videomaking. Ida Walked Away features the same visual style of OJ.


The idea is to convey powerful sensations using strong colors, shapes and music. It’s some kind of synesthetic mess that guides the viewer through an oniric travel through humanity and feelings (not that clear, but have a look at the interview to Tsuchiya I linked in the other article and you will agree with me).


The use of color is extremely important. They were chosen to be very flashy and very numerous, dancing on a white background. In the video illustrations were used, too.


I’ll describe to you the process that, most likely, was followed:

After deciding the style and then storyboard of the video, illustrations to be animated were made. Then, the computer work started. Drawings were animated in After Effects and all the other visual effects were created with it. Everything was synched with the music and voila!


It’s much easier said than done, but with just a few tools something amazing can be created!


Don’t forget to take a look at OJ!


See ya, boys and girls!

AU – Ida Walked Away

Artist: AU
Takafumi Tsuchiya
February, 2010
2D Animation, Illustration
What's Cool:
Tsuchiya's style is one of the finest ever!
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January 28th, 2013

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