The Naked and Famous is an indie rock band from New Zealand. In 2010 they released the album Passive Me, Aggressive You, integrating this theme No Way. This album reached number one on the chart in New Zealand, and entered the worldwide charts. Has won four of the five categories for which it had been appointed in New Zealand Music Awards.
It’s funny to note that all their music videos, seven in total, were directed by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali of Special Problems.
A name remarkable as Special Problems isn’t forgotten so easily. Remember that we spoke of them recently, thanks to the music video Half Full Glass of Wine, of Tame Impala. However we are talking about completely different styles of videos.
“No way, no way
No we’re never gonna talk about it
No way, no way
No we’re never gonna speak again”
Three incredible characters try to solve their problems in explosive and brilliant ways!
An authentic artistic spectacle, with a very noticeable aesthetic care.
All video is performed in slow motion which makes every detail closest to the spectator.
The final is the culmination of movements and elevations, which ends in an unexpected psychedelic overlay.

The Naked and Famous – No Way

Artist: The Naked and Famous
Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali of Special Problems
November 2011
Special Problems
Slow motion
What's Cool:
How to solve problems in slow motion
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October 18th, 2012

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