XXYYXX isn’t a variant of Klinefelter Syndrome.
XXYYXX is Marcel Everett. He’s a minimal electronic connoisseur out of Orlando, Florida. Not matter that he’s also 16 years-old, because he’s here to stay. He’s good company.
The director of the video is Jeff Vash who describes himself as visual artist, filmmaker, and designer out of Austin, Texas. The visual to ‘About You’ is an awesome combination of slow-motion chicks smoking weed, shallow focus, flawless time remapping, everything timing with the beat. There’s a great synergy between the clip and the audio.
If you pay attention you can found that the reversed parts of the song sampled the lyrics of “Just Hold On” by Jillian Aversa:
“I can hear your heart. I can touch your skin.
Feel the whole world breathing from within.
I can live it here forever inside.”
The last sentence is the litany you hear throughout the entire song: “in here forever in time”, backwards, “emit ni reverof ereh“. This expression becomes an animal’s wail, a mantra, a wild prayer that echoes in the feral masks while an equally fuzzy beat provides the backdrop. The mask becomes sanctum meantime a smoky mist spreads from the eye’s sockets and than from the mouth.
It reminds me the massive masked orgy-Ball of Eyes Wide Shut.
This video is super dope. You cannot stay sober, most disturbed.
Kid kids you.
I’d suggest checking out the rest of his music on this.

XXYYXX – About you

Artist: XXYYXX
Jeff Vash
motion picture, slow motion
What's Cool:
Disturbed techno-sixteen.
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June 12th, 2012

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