If you live near Milan friday will be a great day, Venetian Snares will play at Leoncavallo during one of his few gigs in Italy! I’ve been waiting for this moment since I was a weird teenager obsessed with breakcore and if you’re not excited as I am, I strongly suggest to go to the nearest supermarket, get a razor blade and free the world from your useless existence.


What is breakcore? Well we could define it as the extreme consequence of darkstyle jungle or as an undesired invention of the master Aphex Twin who probably didn’t think he was creating a new style of music when he was writing his hit Come to Daddy. What you ears perceive is pure chaos, squashed and twisted amen breaks create an impressive number of drum patterns during the same song.


Unfortunately this is not an arcticle about music, it’s about the video, so let’s talk about it. David OReilly had as starting point a song in which there was a strong contrast between the classic breakcore frantic drum and a dark, classical, orchestral background. To represent it, he created in CGI a rainy, rocky desert where black is the predominant colour and there are lightnings continuously tearing up the sky. The contrast between the desert and the storm is fascinating, and symbolize perfectly the contrast in the song.


The final touch is almost a cliché in electronic music world, but I’ve never seen it in a video, even if is used in a large number of live sets to impress the audience. I’m obviously talking about the fake computer crash in the middle of the video. As I said this technique is widely used in live sets but every time it has its dramatic effect. You’ll always see people who look at the stage asking themselves “and now what happens?” and then you see them smiling when they get it was all set up. It’s not the same when you’re watching a video, it’s pretty hard to believe your Mackbook is restarting with an old computer’s start sceen, but it’s still a cool effect.

Venetian Snares – Szamár Madár

Artist: Venetian Snares
David OReilly
3D animation
What's Cool:
Fake system crash is always cool
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October 3rd, 2012

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