Tribes are back with a brand new album. “Wish To Scream” will come out on May 20th, produced by Kevin Augunas and recorded at the famed Sound City Studio in LA. Meanwhile they realise a video for the opening track “Dancehall”, directed by previous collaborator Tom Beard.


Tom Beard used all his experience, both from photography and filming. He mixed long-established style of filming and traditional format with contemporary setting. A vintage semplicity, a funny game. The sensations that come out from this clip are lightness, beauty, light heartdness, semplicity with a touch of sensuality.


Also Colourist Vic Parker worked with Tom Beard.
Tom commented “Vic understands why I choose to shoot on 16mm film and works well with the subtle tones and shadows producing a natural feel.”


And Vic replys “itРІР‚в„ўs always a pleasure to grade for Tom, especially as he is a stalwart for shooting on film. This was a particularly lovely piece; you can clearly see the purity of 16mm film through a Bolex, showing all the light bleed and gate slips, and use of natural light. The result is a really elegant piece that allowed for a beautiful, soft and subtle grade.”


The definitive video includes all the original flares, punch-holes and edge of frame shots that are organic to the wind-up cinematography. Daydream-like focus and film-slips complete this wonderful video.

Tribes – Dancehall

Artist: Tribes
Tom Beard
April, 2013
What's Cool:
Vintage 16mm
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May 12th, 2013

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