Thom Yorke – Harrowdown Hill

“Harrowdown Hill,” is part of Yorke’s solo album, “The Eraser,” which released in August 2006. After seeing the short films of Chel White, Yorke sought him out to direct his next music video. White chose to use an innovative technique called “smallgantics” inspired by tilt-shift photography, took the principles inherent with using tilt-shift lenses (Lenses that sit at an angle in comparison to the film plane, creating a sloped focal plane which can at times simulate short depth of field and can distort the apparent size of subjects), and pushed them to a new level. In some parts of the video we can also see the “timelapse” technique, wich is nothing but a stop motion with a huge framerate.
Chel White’s video for Thom Yorke’s, “Harrowdown Hill,” won Best Music Video at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2007, ResFest 10, and The Worldwide Short Film Festival. It was nominated for Best Music Video and Best Special Effects at MVPA and FutureShorts.
Artist: Thom Yorke.
Director: Chel White – Bent Image Lab.
Typology: photographic.
Techniques: tilt-shift, timelapse.
Programs: some video editing programmes.
What’s new: first video using “smallgantics” technique.


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