I was working when my flatmate sent me the link to the new Thirty Seconds to Mars video. She was excited to see Jared Leto, and I was excited to see a good cinematography in a videoclip. And Jared Leto of course, I’m a woman too.
He’s not just a man of beauty, he’s a good artist as a singer and as a director, as we can see. Yes, for those who don’t know Bartholomew Cubbins it’s his alter ego. So many talents in such a thin, long haired man!
The video for Up in The Air it’s catchy from the beginning: beautiful choice of light, settings and cast.
At each new scene a celebrity pops up, models, artists, athletes and wild animals keep the attention high, and of course they are the attraction of the movie, beautiful and interesting people in beautiful visuals is always the key for a popular video, and this time the effect it’s not too grotesque and cheeky.
As Jared said to Rolling Stone “This short film is quite unlike anything we have ever done before, with contributions from Damien Hirst, Dita Von Teese, US Olympic gymnasts McKayla Maroney and Jordyn Wieber, Maxwell Snow, Neil Strauss, a lion, wolf, a snake and, yes, some zebras, we take an epic, bizarre and hallucinogenic journey through a incredibly surreal landscape. It was exciting to explore new territory and once again work with the maniacal Bartholomew Cubbins at the helm.”

Thirty Seconds To Mars – Up In The Air

Artist: Thirty Seconds to Mars
Bartholomew Cubbins
April, 2013
Jared Leto, Emma Ludbrook
slowmotion, hyperkinetic montage
What's Cool:
it's like a film. with a cool cast.
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April 24th, 2013

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