When we talk about Prodigy we are talking about a real wonder.
Since 1990 the Prodigy produce stunning and hypnotic tracks that are loved all over the world.
“Spitfire” is the sixteenth single released by the band, it says something about the World War Two and the “Spitfire”, the name of an english air battle. “Spitfire” means also a highly emotional and quick-tempered person. But the translation of the text isn’t very important, we are interested in the violence of the beats.
The Prodigy are fire-eaters, their music smashes your ears and mess up your hair, but you like this and want more.
The music video is directed by Tim Qualtrough and features digital effects overlapped with footage from live performances by the band. Tim Qualtrough directed U2, Pendulum, Green day, Muse, and also Chemical Borthers, so he’s accustomed to create videos for strong music. This clip’s editing is really heavy and noisy.
And somebody told me that this song is perfect for doing sex.

The Prodigy – Spitfire

Artist: The Prodigy
Tim Qualtrough
Motion picture
What's Cool:
The Prodigy lull you to hell
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October 5th, 2012

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