This video was released on the 31st October and Paul Trillo described it as “Empty bodies fill the single panoramic view of the New York skyline.” We can associate that to alternatives of halloween costumes but I don’t think that is very right. However the description of Paul tell us exactly the essence of the video and what is coming…

“Lonely” is the third track on the album Handsome Moves EP, released in September, by The Peach Kings. It was filmed, directed and edited by Paul Trillo, responsible for band’s music video “Thieves and Kings”, from last year.
This music video was filmed on the top of the building of Mophonics Music and Sound and is a panoramic slow view – the horizons of NYC seen in 360 degrees.
Paige Wood appears with a smile, tied to the surreal panorama of her memories and thoughts. Silver Lake will appear as a character of Paige’s imaginary, presenting himself opaque and transparent.
According to the director:

“ The concept behind the video was to convey multiple aspects of loneliness. The feeling of being trapped (or tied down in this case), holding onto what is no longer there, and observing something that no one else is seeing. I think the backdrop of the NY skyline helps emphasize the scale of loneliness.”
“Lonely” was shot with Rokinon 14mm Lens and a Canon 7D with the Technicolor Cine Profile. For the editing and the montage was used After Effects with AE Keylight for chroma keying and Knoll Light factory for the lents flare. Trillo said “a little bit of optics compensation to correct the 14mm distortion and then optics distortion reapplied as a universal adjustment layer. The camera movement was just a lot of tweaking and tweening in the AE graph editor.”  For this VFX breakdown video the estimated time given by After Effects rendering was 25 hours but ended up getting up in 4 hours, pretty amazing!
If you want to see how video was made click here, it’s worth it!

In my opinion the way the bodies hidden, are used to illustrate the loneliness, this is very interesting and intelligent.
Paul Trillo once again did a great job, sensitive and endearing.

The Peach Kings – Lonely

Artist: The Peach Kings
Paul Trillo
October 2012
Rokinon 14mm Lens, Canon 7D, Technicolor Cine Profile, After Effects
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" Empty bodies fill a single panoramic view of the New York skyline"
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December 10th, 2012

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