If I say “Halloween” and “bones”, which director do you think of first?
And you know what? I think you got it, because this is the very first (and only) music video directed by Tim Burton!


We were just kicking around ideas for the ‘Bones’ video, and we thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Tim Burton could shoot this?’ We reached out to his people and he came back and said he wanted to work with us, which was amazing” said bassist Mark Stoermer.
According to what The Killers said, they were not really sure about how the video would turned out, in fact after they’ve shot all their parts in August 17th-18th 2006 in Los Angeles, Tim Burton and a team of animators went to London to take hands on for the editing and the CGI parts. Continued Stoermer: “Usually we go over the treatment with a fine-toothed comb and have a lot of influence, but this time we just let Tim do his thing“, and they did it well, because at the 2007 Shockwaves NME Awards this video won the award for Best Video.


Let’s introduce more about the video and its visual content.
The whole video is a mix of real video footage and scenes from other famous movies: the videoclip starts with a scene of warrior skeletons that spring up from the ground (Jason and the Argonauts). This is a part of the movie that two lovers are watching to in their car in a parking cinema, but there are also scenes from Lolita and Creature from the Black Lagoon.
All the videoclip is based on the remake of a scene from From Here to Eternity: the two lovers (actor Michael Steger and the model Devon Aoki) drive by car to the seaside. It’s here that Burton put his sign: the girl removes her hair to reveal her skull and the man pulls off his shirt to reveal his skeleton. This thing reminds me to Robbie Williams’s Rock DJ videoclip, in which the singer takes off also his skin and his muscles till he is only a skeleton, but I must admit that Burton is less splatter and more poetic!

Also each component of the band become skeleton: there is a sequence where Flowers’s hand is replaced with that of a skeleton and at the end of the video, where the entire band are skeletons, they all fall apart at the song’s final note.


In this Halloween night I want to leave you with these words by the frontman Brandon Flowers about the video: “There are some skeletons, some darkness and some romance. What more could you want?


The Killers – Bones

Artist: The Killers
Tim Burton
October 2006
Motion picture, 3D animation
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October 31st, 2012

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