Hey there, folks! Here comes the Boogey Man!


Wanna Play Daily went full throttle on Hallowe’en this year.

We had so much fun creating the special layout of the website for these days, because we wanted to give you something special (and bigger stuff is coming, stay tuned).


What are your plans for tomorrow night?


While you prepare for the trick or treat (which usually means: drinking and screaming like animals),let’s have a look at this video: it’s awesome!

Or maybe, watch it tomorrow when you’re in the darkest of the night and ghosts, ghouls, monsters, ex-girlfriends are threatening you! (unless you’re too wasted to get scared — high five! —).


Today I have the pleasure of writing about this amazing video of The Black Belles. It’s for What Can I Do?, a track released on a single vinyl in 2010.


They’re so cool. They are an all-girl garage gothic band discovered and produced by Jack White back in 2009 and brought under White’s Third Man Records (coolest label out there, today). They look like a female — and more attractive — version of Jack White. Their sound is very familiar, if you know him: this song could definitely be a White Stripes’ song.


— Big fan of JW here, as you might have thought.

The video has been directed by White himself. And it was his first pure direction role. You can definitely see his hand on it.

It starts very beautifully. The first part, with the old-movie-like opening credits is nicely crafted. They resemble 1950′s movies. It looks quite like a Hitchcock start: the storm, and then this old stile font (looks like Caslon, but it’s a wild and fast guess) and hand-made logotype of the band. Big start!


Then, the whole video is shot in black and white. It has a clever setting: this foggy atmosphere, created in studio, is very cool and catches the soul of the band. Throughout the whole video many techniques are used, in order to keep the sense of mystery alive: burning film frames, split screens, powerful lighting that creates strong effects of light diffusion with the smoke that pervades the scene and much more, like little explosions interludes and so on (everything added in post production, of course).

The montage is awesome, too. It’s very dynamic and keeps the rhythm very fast and hammering, helped also by parts shot with hand-held cameras.

Plus, every now and then frames with peculiar effects appear.


The band was recorded in playback in the studio, then montage took place and, along with it, music was added.

There’s not much post production. No big special effects. But this video is full of little details (JW is a maniac for details) that make it super cool and interesting. I won’t bore you any longer, it’s better for you to watch it and enjoy them by yourself!


Well done, mr Jack. Once again!


Happy Hallowe’en, guys!

The Black Belles – What Can I Do?

Artist: The Black Belles
Jack White
February 17, 2010
Black and White, Montage
What's Cool:
Good old vibes of true rock culture
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October 30th, 2012

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