A few days ago I saw a video that’s been circulating on the internet about Portugal. The whole video is developed around one question: “How do you identify this country? a) a country in crisis b) a place to grow c) the country for sale”, and the correct answer is b.
With the video that we present today you can easily see why, without mixing political and economic interests.

This song “For Real” belongs to the Portuguese musician and composer Orlando Santos. Beyond this singer, known as one of the best male artists voice on the national scene, the theme has the special participation of Kika Santos – the cherry on top of the cake .This is his first theme, from debut album “My Soul” which was released on April’s 25th.
His work touches territories of Jamaican music, reggae, rock, soul and folk music. The ideal to see and hear when you want peace, tranquility and love. A good moment just chilling.
This song “for real (electric mood),” came from the acoustic version of the song, in an attempt to try new things, allowing more people appreciate the moment with a higher dose of energy and charisma.

About the video I must say that there is “an intense and interesting visual counterpoint enhanced by André Gaspar, director accredited in digital compositing and animation, which has devised a dream Lisbon through the silhouettes of Orlando and Kika”.
André Gaspar is not only the director, but also integrates the production and post-production team, Diffuse Studios and Nebula Studios respectively.
The video shows us the characteristic sunshine in Portugal, the architecture of downtown Lisbon and a set of colors, shapes and movements that come together in such a balanced way, that leave us surrendered!

Despite all the difficulties, when you see a work with such quality and love to give to all who see it, you know that we are on track!

Orlando Santos – For Real (electric mood)

Artist: Orlando Santos
André Gaspar
March 2013
Diffuse Studios and Nebula Studios
Video editing
What's Cool:
a kaleidoscope made of Lisbon
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April 7th, 2013

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