“In Sweden there is a wonderful place called Ödland. The day of Saint Lucia, Sankta Lucia, is celebrated there. The young girls wear crowns of candles and the boys wear pointed hats.”
This seems a dreamy place, and I think that’s why the band have chosen this place’s name as theirs, dreamy name, dreamy song, dreamy video.
Sankta Lucia is Ödland‘s album, in which we can find the song of today’s video: Østersøen. The band was created under the lead of Lorenzo Papace, composer-songwriter, graphic designer, photographer and also director in this occasion.
If you love retro-vintage-flickr artist style imagery you’re going to like Østersøen which is a wonderfully directed stop motion video, where each frame is designed with attention and the set is beautifully and carefully made.
I now live with a french girl, and the most flaming topic always goes around music: she gets really annoyed whenever I say that french people always write sad, boring music.
This doesn’t seem to be an exemption, but since I’m studying animation this video is still interesting and watchable due the fact that the stop motion is great, but let’s get deeper.
Le Petit Écho Malade is a duo composed by Vincent Pianina et Lorenzo Papace, they takes us in a world made of paper, inside a ship and following a train.
Few words must be said about the transition: they are really well thought and well made, playing with distances and materials, for examples the boat opening up in two pieces, the solar system and the way the room where is the singer is placed in the train and in the titanic look-alike boat as well.
It’s a roller coaster video: the point of view and the landscape is always changing, and keeps the viewer always interested and amazed.

Ödland – Østersøen

Artist: Ödland
Vincent Pianina & Lorenzo Papace (Le Petit Écho Malade)
stop motion
What's Cool:
stop motion makes seem interesting even a french song.
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October 8th, 2012

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