“My Name is Jack Adams and I make music under the guise Mumdance

Jack Adams spent the last two years doing remixes for Santigold, Radioclit, Gucci Mane, and many more. He also produced a cut on Jammer’s Jahmanji, and he has two hot releases about to drop on the Trouble & Bass and Mad Decent imprints.
But now, Adams is switching his focus to all original works with the release of his debut EP “Mum Decent”.
In this track Mumdance has got an amazing ability to interwork eclectic vocals by Esser and MC Badness sound. In an interview Adam said “I enjoy playing on certain cultural cues or musical idioms to make someone think in a certain direction while listening to a track, but then try and turn all of that on its head by the end of the tune… I just sound like how I feel on the day that I made the tune.”
“Don’t Forget Me Now” is probably the result of a day in good mood: different types of fruit are singing loud (like the pop star, strictly in playback).This track became famous because it was on Skins Episode (UK).

The director of the clip is Ben Reed, a filmmaker making music videos and also educational films.

The video is a funny stop motion where characters change their face with fruit pieces and hairy stuff. Those muppets are cool and but everything becomes even cooler when they start adding a coloured graphic as a background.

What else can I say.
“I fink u freeky and I like you a lot!” (cit.)

Mumdance – Don’t Forget Me Now feat. Esser

Artist: Mumdance
Ben Reed
October 2010
motion picture, stop motion
What's Cool:
wacky fruits will shake you
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October 27th, 2012

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