Hi there boys and girls,


How are you doing?

Be ready, because today I’m going to give you a very nice present!


I’m talking about the brand new videoclip by Ministri: Spingere!

They are a very talented bunch of people from Milan, just like me (but I’m not talented, though). They rocked around for many years and lately they did it: they became famous nationwide. Even though you don’t speak italian, have a try and listen to their music: it’s very hot rock and roll stuff.


Anyway, this video features the usual Ministri-Video-Direction-TeamMarco Proserpio and Jacopo Farina for Sterven Jonger. And the style is of course very familiar from the beginning: very dynamic rhythm, a general sense of discomfort, strong images.


I won’t bore you talking about the meaning, because I think you can easily undestand by yourself.

I will talk about technique: the most part is shot footage with a camera, then imported and put together in a very clever work of montage. In some parts, where the band is playing with an no-signal-screen behind them, a simple green screen has been used. Here and there some words have been introduced with some basic After Effects techniques.


Top tip for the font-maniacs like me: the font is Metric, by Klim Type!


Bye guys! Take care!

Ministri – Spingere

Artist: Ministri
Marco Proserpio and Jacopo Farina, for Sterven Jonger
April, 2013
Montage, Green Screen
What's Cool:
Great rhythm!
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April 28th, 2013

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