“I felt the news vibrate on your perfect lips
Don’t give your heart away to this sinking ship
You need the wind to take on a tidal wave
it would see more than London to fill this place”

Do you already know Emily & Tom?
I’m talking about UK creatives Emily Cussins and Thomas Webber, who directed this video, their first music video. For that they needed the precious help of the artist Cat Roissetter.
This music video of I Dream in Colour, the theme for London, could not have been more perfect.
The video is centered in body illustrations, that the artist will produce on the torso, jaw and arms of band’s vocalist, Richard Judge. His face does not appear. The important thing is not the singer but the human body. The human being. The Londoner.
These drawings on the skin, are shot in two different ways. At the beginning of the video you can see several macro plans of single illustrations that are emerging, and in a second part we can see slightly more distant plans, which give us a better sense of the body and how the illustrations starts to work together, creating a narrative between them.

About the concept of the video, Judge said that was a representation of the song – “sung about the idea of the hole that is left when someone leaves, and how that hole can be so big that the population of London still wouldn’t fill it”. An incredible infrastructure of the city, at all levels, that surely will leave you amazed.

The video was captured in one afternoon with a red Epic camera, and if you want to to have an idea of how everything was done, you can see it here.
All the illustrations were done with black gel pen, watercolor with brush and thick permanent marker.

This video was nominated at The Smalls Short Film Festival 2012 and was topic of conversation on many important sites in the area of music and design.

London – I Dream In Colour

Artist: London
May 2012
Mark Hopkins
Illustrating with pen and brush, video editing
What's Cool:
London on the skin of each inhabitant
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October 26th, 2012

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