One more day and the Italian Week will be over, in this melancholic mood I introduce you to today’s video, Quando tornerai dall’estero by Le luci della centrale elettrica, the poetic name that Vasco Brondi chose for himself, remembering the lights of the power station of his own town Ferrara, which Marc Augé would have called a non-place.
The imaginary of the modern city is recurrent in his works and of course is shown also in this video, with the intolerant feeling for the political and social background.
“I thought it was like preparing for an event that is not there, to deal with a silent and deserted city and a normal day but with a kind of armor. What is important to run, feeling cold every now and then, sleep clothed to do what you want” are Vasco’s words which matches the lyrics and the video.
The song is part of self-produced disc, a hint that good music can’t be hidden nor ignored.
Michele Bernardi helps him visualize a silent but meaningful world that wants to reach out and shake souls.
Bernardi is the director, animator and illustrator, he created a story around a girl using the rotoscope technique with watercolor, tracing over a pre-recorded live-action film movement, frame by frame, giving us the final result that is a mix of drawing and reality capture with much more ferment and poetry.

Le luci della centrale elettrica – Quando tornerai dall’estero

Artist: Le luci della centrale elettrica
Michele Bernardi
Rotoscope watercolor illustration
Illustration, Animation
What's Cool:
Unique imaginary integrity
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April 30th, 2012

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