The video title means “It’s not a fairytale” and it comes from L’aura’s 2007 album Demian.

The idea of the video is really simple: L’aura is filmed while she’s singing and playing with her clothes in a room. Everything looks so funny, fresh and girlish. This video has much the same setting and techniques to another cool video that we reviewed a while ago. The setting is similar to a doll house (or hotel) room and during every frame L’aura changes really quickly her clothes, her make-up and hairstyle. They have played with all the objects inside the room creating also some look alike game screens.


The video clip has been directed by Maki Gherzi and produced by Marco Salom. The song’s rhythmic is accompanied by a stop motion. In various interviews they declared that they made a four days photoshoot to obtain all the necessary frames. This video also arrived in the “Premio Videoclip Italiano” 2007 edition.

L’Aura – Non è una favola

Artist: L'Aura
Maki Gherzi
stop motion, video editing
What's Cool:
She just starts singing for her clothes and playing with them, I wish I could do that!
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October 6th, 2012

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