Today we have the pleasure to introduce Flames (uncompromised cut), from Swedish duo Karl x Johan. A “slick, chic and downright sexy video” to liven up your day and leave you in a good mood!

This video was directed and edited by Gustav Johansson that here stands out as a storyteller. This director is well known for some work as EF LIVE THE LANGUAGE – LOS ANGELES, SYDNEY and VANCOUVER. It was produced by Erik Torell and Shoot by Niklas Johansson. This video lives of close-ups that tell us about a story. A love story, perhaps that is not lived only in the moment but in space-time, which could be a day – a morning until the next morning. The light, or lack thereof will documenting the time that passes. The story focuses on two characters, from the moment you wear, until the moment they leave, meet, get together for the night. Is a very beautiful way of communicating a story leaving room for the viewer to interpret according to their cultural background and their state of mind. The fact that it was filmed with images as beautiful, strong and illustrative, macros only, holds the viewer to the screen.
This video was probably captured by a lens with an effect similar to a Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM Lens.

Is an incredible masterpiece! So good that the video was nominated for Video of the Year Nominated – Grammis 2012 Winner TBA, Nominated best international pop video at UK Music Video Awards, Silver Young Directors Awards (Musicvideo), Best Editing – Scandinavian Music Video at Bergen Film Festival, among others.
Exciting, don’t you agree?

Karl X Johan – Flames

Artist: Karl X Johan
Gustav Johansson
January 2011
Erik Torell
Macro Lens
What's Cool:
A story told with macros
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April 29th, 2013

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