Hi, folks!


Here I am again, and today I have something very hot with me for you!

Brace yourselves, for today’s stuff is gonna be an earthquake.

I stumbled onto this brand new video the other day and, as a huge fan of mr White, I was thrilled. As soon as I saw it I wanted to bring it to you!

It’s the video directed by Dori Oskowitz of PrettyBird for his track I’m Shakin’ from his debut solo album that came out this May called Blunderbuss.

The tune is just catchy. It’s a cover of an old song by Little Willie John and it’s one of those for which your body starts moving on his own.


The video is so Jack White. Since he went solo he chose a new style (of course) and started playing with not one, but two bands. An all-girl one (The Peacocks) and an all-men one (Los Buzzardos). Fun fact: he chooses with which band he’s gonna play that day the very morning, in order to keep them all ready and active. This video features also Olivia Jean from the Black Belles, a rock group of nasty girls produced by White that I totally suggest you have a listen to.

This video is very cool. I’ll give you, as always, my first impression before talking technique. It’s like a classic boys vs. girls battle, with Jack playing on both sides. It kind of represents, in my opinion, the strange personality of White, too.


First of all: visual style. It features everywhere the new colors he chose for his new project: Light Blue, Black and White (he always chooses a set of three colors. For The White Stripes it was Red, White and Black, for The Raconteurs it was Green, Copper and Black and so on). The clothing style is retro-stylish and is just cool and classy.


As regards technique, footage is all shot in studio. The setting is some kind of hangar where the magic takes place. Lighting is very strong and the colors are very saturated. The atmosphere it creates is of strong tension.

Post production magic: footage has been shot separately for the two bands. Paying extreme attention to framings and position of furniture elements. Then, through montage and video compositing techniques, they’re put together with something like Premiere or Final Cut, giving the illusion of a double Jack White (if you take a look at the thumbnail image in the home page, you’ll notice what I’m talking about). There’s also a manic attention for details. The color correction through After Effects is very strong. And adding little elements like the nails of the bass player that change color, or the roof of the place that becomes light blue makes the video very peculiar. I’ll leave you the task of noticing all the other details, they’re everywhere!


So, it’s a very nice video for a great track. Feel the magic by watching it!


Double the Jack, double the fun!

See you round here, buddies!

Jack White – I’m Shakin’

Artist: Jack White
Dori Oskowitz
October 10, 2012
Video Compositing, Montage
What's Cool:
Boys vs. Girls, in a stylish way! And a double JW!
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October 15th, 2012

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