The Beauty and the Beast, I would say.

This is a quite old production, since is from October 2008, and actually its first aim was to be a soundtrack for the 21st movie of James Bond. After a series of misunderstanding between the players and the production, this song from Jack White (the Beast (:, of course) was set up with Alicia Keys.

The Video wants to represent a desert area, where the two main characters are  playing together, underling the difference in instruments and behaviours.


I would say that we’re having to do with a well done green screen production, and the desert area is a place who take place just in the computers of the video editors!

The way they mixed all together is not telling so much, in terms that there no story to tell behind, but of course it’s an awesome example of multiple cutting and use of motion graphic techniques, probably with an application similar to Abobe After Effects. Lots of effect have been used here and the digital-cameras movements are giving a good dynamic effect.

At the end of the video, when White starts to fire with the guitar, appears the main actor of the movie.


To be honest, I saw most interesting stories, but this video is still interesting for the use of digital effects and techniques, so take a look and be faithful to Jack White!

Jack White & Alicia Keys – Another Way To Die

Artist: Jack White & Alicia Keys
October, 2008
Jack White & Columbia Pictures
Green screen shooting
What's Cool:
Shooting guitar in a desert area
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April 25th, 2013

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