You know something’s wrong when looking for information about a video, all you can discover is the dress the singer is wearing. But, if the singer is Beth Ditto, we are quite OK with that.
As we say in Italy: “You don’t change a winning team”; Gossip, in fact, for “Move In The Right Direction” relied on Price James, which directed loads of videos in the indie rock scene, and two others Gossip’s videos like “Heavy Cross” and “Picture Perfect World”.
This time Gossip are in black and white world with burst of red here and there.
Nothing particularly innovative: the band has been filmed while playing on a green screen set (as we can see from the first seconds of the video), then the green screen has been replaced with typogrphic effects that show the lyrics of the song, and tells you which part of the song you are listening to, such as “INTRO” and “GUITAR SOLO”: the most clever thing in the video, in my opinion.
The outline is a basic coreography by Natricia Bernard, who seems to be pretty famous in the music video ambient.
So maybe it’s not an outstanding video and not one of the most innovating ones, but all mixed up, is a wonderful pop product.
I almost forgot, the dress is signed by Roberto Cavalli Class.

Gossip – Move In The Right Direction

Artist: Gossip
Price James
Green Screen, Typography, Black and White, Fisheye
What's Cool:
Seeing "INTRO" in the background while they play the intro.
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June 10th, 2012

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