What we propose today is a dip in the vintage, rich in art and poetry, curious and a bit disturbed.
A video that could not go unnoticed, which forces you to stop and follow it, in its frenzy and images’ richness.
Behind the camera stays Matt Irwin, a well-know face in mode’s photography, which, in this case, has experimented the video clip.

Blood For Poppies“, the first single extracts from “Not Your Kind Of People“, is a particular video: the black-and-white clip from the film draws noir imagery (including Manson looking glamorous ’50s) and oddball astronomy shots filtered through a gritty, vintage look that goes hand-in-hand with the industrial band’s sound .The video looks like old ones that used not so technologically advanced tools such as today (all effects are the result of video’s post-production, special effects and editing, everything perfectly dose in order to obtain the “vintage” result). The music video shows many different random, yet connecting scenes; the “black and white” is sometimes grainy and burnt and the images often overlap with transparence effect. An impact video with a non-linear story whose images is inspired by last century artistic films (in particular “Un Chien Andalusia” Buñuel and Dali, 1929 -towards the end-). There are many ups and overall shots to the lead vocalist Shirley Manson but not forgetting the rest of the band. In the “Blood For Poppies” music video you can watch Shirley Manson singing while blindfolded, playing Cat’s Cradle, eating an egg, laying on the beach, getting her eye cut out, and hiding behind a tree. The video concludes with a shot of the band in full force and then an explosion, always in total black-white.

The band members are featured in a surrealist dream situations. Is known that Matt Irwin loves including elements of art in his work and that video could be not an exception.
Also thanks to Shirley Manson’s ability (who has been dedicated to the actor’s career during Garbage’s paused in reflection), the video becomes at the same time a stylistic and played tribute to artists’ works such as Luis Buñuel (as quoted above), Maya Deren, Francesca Woodman and Rene Magritte, conjured up by the very traditional bowler hats worn by Steve Marker, Butch Vig and Duke Erikson.

We piled into a transit van with the ridiculously talented team of Matt Irwin and Aaron Brown and hopped around little pockets of Los Angeles, creating a gorgeous surrealist dream. We ate ice cream sandwiches in the sunshine and Laughed a lot. I did not want the shoot-to-end ” said the band’s Shirley Manson in an issued press release.

Garbage – Blood For Poppies

Artist: Garbage
Matt Irwin
Special effects, video post-production, b/w.
b/w photographic
What's Cool:
Vintage, art and disturb hand-in-hand with the industrial band's sound
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May 3rd, 2012

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