Desire! Desire!
I had already longing to hear that voice!

After three years, Editors, the British alternative rock known by everyone, releases their fourth studio album: The Weight of Your Love.
“Rehearsing the songs in a room and over a longer period of time isn’t something we’ve done since вЂThe Back Room’ and in truth bands these days don’t often get the luxury of working on a record like they worked on their debut.”
The whole album speaks of love, but not through traditional songs. This is the first album from the integration of two new members Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams.

The single A Ton Of Love was the first one to be released. This single is not exactly what fans expect from the band since the song does not have the same catchiness as their previous work and seems like it was written for a more radio friendly public. Probably this is due to new members…
The video for “A Ton Of Love” was filmed and directed by the Soup Collective in Manchester, more precisely by Mark Thomas and Tim Mullett.
This video, all in black and white, has great contrast between the figures of the band, sometimes we only see the silhouette, and background images in motion, flowing and almost fragile.
The interesting in this music video is the fact that with the evolution of the music, the video will become increasingly intense and sensorial.

Editors will also be making a series of high-profile festival performances across European summer.
The album will be released locally on Friday, 5th July.

Editors – A Ton Of Love

Artist: Editors
Mark Thomas
May 2013
Tim Mullett
Editing and animation
What's Cool:
Background animations
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May 27th, 2013

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