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Today I’m bringing you something a bit different from a proper videoclip. But it’s definitely worth it.

It’s an interesting project by Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams, two very talented guys who shot this video in order to promote themselves. It’s a video that features many tracks (if you are interested, check the info box here).


It’s a real pleasure for the eyes. It’s very clever, even though it features just one kind of technique.

The entire videoclip is made with stop motion effects.


The basic concept of this technique is: instead of shooting a video, you take many pictures, so you have time to change something in the scene without making it completely different.

For example, imagine to be shooting a video of a guy on a couch for 30 secs. Nothing can happen, otherwise you will notice. Now, imagine to take a load of photos of the guy on the couch, in exact same spot, but in every photograph he uses a different t-shirt. Then, it’s as simple as that: take those pictures, import them in something like After Effects and blend them together in a single video. The outcome looks almost like it was filmed, but it can be as crazy as hell! The more pictures you take, the more fluid the result!


This is what those two guys did through the entire video! Now have fun and discover how they did every scene while you watch it (maybe you will have a blazing new idea for yourself!)


Enjoy guys! See you soon!

Dream Music: Part I

Marc Donahue, Sean Michael Williams
April, 2012
Stop Motion, Montage
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Stop Motion at its finest
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April 10th, 2013

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