Deptford Goth is a South London musician, quite new to the scene, and definitely a nice new face for WannaPlayDaily.
About the name Daniel Woolhouse chose for his musical career he clarifies: “Woolhouse is not a goth. I thought it worked quite nicely with the melancholic nature of the music, and also because it doesn’t make sense, in a way. A lot of band names are essentially just nonsense.”
Finally a man who understands clearly the field where his working.
Union is the title of this son, and union is what you feel when watching the videoclip.
Daniel Woolhouse (Deptford Goth himself) directed a touching deep video for Deptford Goth, showing visually the strings that we keep tight to our lives, and then at the end the end of a union, a break up, a loss.
Everything in this videoclip is balanced and moving. The metaphor is there to be coded, but is also visually beautiful and filmed in the emptiness of a land, like a relationship in a lonely life.
The Typography is there to underline the meaning of the song, the message, attentively chosen, and wonderfully composed in the frame.
Everything is balanced, the balloons floating mid air, the music, the graphic.

Deptford Goth – UNION

Artist: Deptford Goth
Daniel Woolhouse
December 2012
analog visual effect, flashing typography
What's Cool:
beautiful visual metaphor
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April 8th, 2013

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