This video has probably been the cause of a migraine for Ian Pons Jawell, editing a piece like this require patience, skills, and good headphones to keep sane who’s next to you.
Crystal Fighters‘s Follow is an hypnotic, and somethimes nauseating, example of pixilation, a technique where live actors are used as a frame-by-frame subject, changing pose slightly frame by frame, as we can see also in Gotye’s Easy way out video.
The use of this technique in Ian Pos Jawell’s skilled hands result as an explosion of syncopated colors during the length of the song.
The singer, like a modern Alice, follows a weird scarecrow-white rabbit into Wonderland, meeting strange characters like a soup eater and a bodybuilder, that could easily be a meme, giving the highest level of trash aura around this oiled figure.
Song’s lyrics and video match eachother: both are repetitive and ossessive, dark and colorful at the same time, exactly like an aztec ritual, from which the band seems to take the visuals. Or maybe they’re more like mayas, and “way into the darkness” is a clue that reveals the end of the world, wonderland world.

Crystal Fighters – Follow

Artist: Crystal Fighters
Ian Pons Jewell
September 2010
Pixilation stopmotion, motion picture
What's Cool:
Aztec color pixilation
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October 21st, 2012

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