“Safe And Sound” is essentially a mash-up of 100 years of dance, integrating stock footage, recreations and more into a seamless and spirited video. Imagine The Evolution Of Dance — one of YouTube’s most popular videos — but on an epic scale and not played for laughs. ~ videostatic.com
This is the kind of coolness I’m looking for: an hilarious mix of techniques which goes beyond concepts like time and space, creating a wonderful jam of colors, lights and emotions.
Setted in a movie theatre, we have a showreel of the most famous musicals and movies, “corrupted” by the faces of Sebu and Ryan. And what about the dancers? They were great. Here is an extract of an interview with Grady Hall (the director) made by videostatic.com:
«One other extraordinary thing about the shoot — and it’s difficult to put into words, other than to say that there was an electricity on the set. These dancers of different styles don’t normally run across each other. People got to see others who loved dance as much as they did, but expressed it in an entirely different way. So when they got to dance side-by-side, or even a bit “head-to-head,” it created an atmosphere where dancers throwing down bigger and bigger improvisations to top the person who just came before. The “mash-up” that we wanted kind of started to take on a life of its own. My hope in the video was to share a glimpse of the magic that was in that dance circle.»

Capital Cities – Safe And Sound

Artist: Capital Cities
Grady Hall
April 25, 2013
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May 4th, 2013

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