The electronic dance music duo, comprising by Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe, better known by Basement Jaxx released a new single: Back 2 The Wild. Despite recent, the theme already has a remix version by Gorgon City, that you can listen here.
This is one of those songs that once you hear the second time, you’re not going to get it out of your head.
But let’s talk about the video!
By chance, the video for Red Alert was directed by Dawn Shadforth, but if you know the previous works of this British duo certainly you know that this was, once again, a collaboration with Mat Maitland and Natalia Stuyk. Is interesting to analyze a recent work of these two visual artists, for Kenzo, which follows the same technical and aesthetic lines. The video also refers to an electric jungle/psychedelic safari.
There are many color filters, animations, collages, dances, movements, good energies … But the main highlight in this video is the use, and abuse, of the green screen. No fear!
This work lives of green screen’s magic spells. This plethora of possibilities to create the unexpected! Which did not exist and began to exist! The actual single cover illustrates the role of the green screen.
The video was produced by Posy Dixon.
I hope you enjoyed it! Turn off from the world and allow yourself to enter a new dimension!

Basement Jaxx – Back 2 The Wild

Artist: Basement Jaxx
Mat Maitland and Natalia Stuyk
April 2013
Posy Dixon
Green screen
What's Cool:
Psychedelic Safari
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April 26th, 2013

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