We are pleased to inform you this is not a usual stop motion. Visitors are invited to open eyes and ears wide. Imagine. A nocturnal projection of this video, on a white enormous wall. I suggest you to watch it by night, when there’s no much light around you.
We talked about Oh Yeah Wow many times, but they keep on making such high quality stuff that we can’t stop congratulating. They’re the same studio who worked on the animation I wish that and the beautiful stop motion Time to go. Rippled is a surprising video, which combines the stop motion technique with the light art photography; as you will see it must have required a great effort. As they tell us on their vimeo channel Ripple was “Painstakingly animated frame by frame, the piece is all shot in camera, by real people, in the real world, using long exposure techniques [...]“. No digital impact. It took over 6 months to be completed – but hey, have you ever seen something like that? Someone defined it “The most amazing light graffiti video ever” (gizmodo.com). It’s something you just can’t keep your eyes off: you’re catched by that sort of light-cat, which jumps among light-drops and stripes.
Plus, it perfectly fits All India Radio sound, their involving guitars, their perfect dynamics. I enjoyed the fact that the song was just instrumental, it adds depth. Rippled is something more than a videoclip, but an audio-video experience, that’s why I believe it deserves a big screen and good speakers. Nice tip(!) for next summer parties: organize a projection outdoor, and just enjoy. Take notes buddy.

All India Radio – Rippled

Artist: All India Radio
Darcy Prendergast
April 2011
Stop motion
What's Cool:
Amazing Light Art
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April 4th, 2013

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